Data-linking to deep paths - observing changes higher up the path

By default, binding to a path such as will 'observe' changes at the leaf level only.
To observe changes higher up the path, such as swapping the app.selected object (selected person), replace the '.' by '^' immediately after the highest-level item to be 'observed'.

For paths in which objects higher in the path may sometimes be null or undefined, add onError=null or onError='' in order to suppress error rendering and default to an empty string.

<div data-link="selected^name.first onError=null "></div>
Observing changes to object properties higher up the path
Data-bound tag — {^{>selected^name.first onError=null }}:


<!-- data-linking-->

<input data-link="selected^name.first onError=null " />

<!-- data-bound tag-->

{^{>selected^name.first onError=null }}